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How long does it take for LiquiBand® to dry?

LiquiBand® polymerizes in 30 - 60 seconds, on average.

How many layers of LiquiBand® should be applied?

One layer is recommended when applying LiquiBand® and LiquiBand® Flow Control. Two layers are required for LiquiBand® Flex.

What is the waiting period before showering?

Light showering or bathing is permitted immediately after the adhesive polymerizes. However do not scrub, soak, or expose the wound site to prolonged wetness (including swimming) until after the film has sloughed off naturally (usually in 5-10 days).

What length of wound can be closed using LiquiBand®?

The length of wound that can be closed using LiquiBand® is down to clinical judgement.

How is LiquiBand Flex® different from LiquiBand® and LiquiBand® Flow Control?

LiquiBand® Flex has a different formulation that results in a more flexible adhesive and film-forming appearance. In addition, LiquiBand® Flex contains 60% more adhesive.

Is LiquiBand Flex® better than LiquiBand® and LiquiBand® Flow Control?

LiquiBand Flex® has different characteristics mainly around the flexibility and appearance, and it contains a greater volume of adhesive. So, in procedures where those attributes are critical, LiquiBand Flex® may be more suitable than LiquiBand® or LiquiBand® Flow Control.

Where can I buy LiquiBand®?

Please  fill our order form on website for online ordering.