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  • SkinLink™ is a unique, patented, non-invasive wound closure system that is versatile, strong and reduces the risks of suture related infection and scarring. 


It is simple to use and offers strong, durable closure with good cosmetic results. In addition, there is no need for clinical removal of sutures or staples and provides good wound support and patient comfort. Risks of needlestick injury are also reduced.

The SkinLink™ anchored wound closure system consists of two elements:

  • Perforated, non-woven, hypoallergenic, pressure sensitive self adhesive strips (large and small).
  • N-butyl cyanoacrylate anchoring adhesive.

For topical wound closure, to replace sutures and staples in large wounds, wounds under tension or over joints. SkinLink™ can also be used on wounds not appropriate for closure by glue (i.e. in wounds under flexion or stress) and may also be used in conjunction with sutures or staples.

SkinLink™ is a product of AT3 distributed by Advanced Medical Solutions under license from AT3

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