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Better wound closure starts with a better tool

 Porous Felt Applicator Tip

  • Creates even, consistent application
  • Prevents squirting and dripping

Unique No Clog Applicator

  • Delivers high yield

Elliptical Shaped Applicator

  • Allows for narrow or wide application strips
  • Provides versatility in application technique

Pure Octyl Formulation

  • Maximizes durability and flexibility
  • Provides high viscosity
  • Creates intimate skin contact

Microbial Barrier

  • Provides an effective barrier to gram positive, gram negative and fungal microbes
  • Proven effectiveness against S. Aureus, P. Aeruginosa, E. Coli, Candida albicans, and MRSA


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LiquiBand Exceed™


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LiquiBand Exceed Product Information


LiquiBand Exceed™ is available in 0.8g, sterile, single patient use ampoules, 6 applicators per box