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  • LiquiBand® Surgical S combines the fast setting wound closure properties of the butyl-cyanoacrylates with the more flexible liquid wound dressing capabilities of the slower setting octyl-cyanoacrylates in a new Octyl-Blend formulation.

LIQUIBAND® Surgical S & LIQUIBAND® Surgical S Clear

The new two-in-one application system of LiquiBand® Surgical S & LiquiBand® Surgical S Clear allows the precise and rapid closure of the surgical wound through a flow-control tip. The novel, integral foam pad applicator applies  a broad, occlusive liquid wound dressing that provides strong, flexible wound support and protection.

LiquiBand® Surgical S & LiquiBand® Surgical S Clear is an exciting new development for surgeons to close and protect surgical wound sites and provide significant cost-effective benefits compared to conventional invasive wound closure methods.

LiquiBand® Surgical S Topical Skin Adhesive is indicated for closure of surgical wounds with easily approximated skin edges that are not under tension or flexion. LiquiBand® Surgical S Topical Skin Adhesive may be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, subdermal sutures. LiquiBand® Surgical S has sufficient Octyl-Blend monomer to close and protect wounds up to 8-10cm in length. (For longer surgical incisions clinicians are advised to use LiquiBand Surgical).

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LiquiBand® Surgical S

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LiquiBand® Surgical S Clear

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LiquiBand Exceed Product Information

LIQUIBAND® Surgical S & LIQUIBAND® Surgical S Clear

LiquiBand Exceed™ is available in 0.8g, sterile, single patient use ampoules, 6 applicators per box