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  • LiquiBand® Optima is the latest and most innovative product within the successful LiquiBand skin adhesive range, setting a new standard in closing minor wounds using cyanoacrylate technlogy.


LiquiBand® Optima has been developed to meet the demands of clinicians and the needs of patients in today's busy Emergency Departments.

LiquiBand® Optima contains the octyl-blend cyanoacrylate monomer that combines the fast setting wound closure properties of butyl-cyanoacrylates with the more flexible wound dressing capabilities of octyl-cyanoacrylates. This new formulation has a number of advantages, not only for the patient, but also aids the clinician in treating patients wounds quickly and safely.

LiquiBand® Optima  is a pre-assembled device that can be used straight from the pack and has a unique winged actuator that provides an easy 'click-and-use' functionality. This new precision applicator design allows precise control, thus enabling the clinician to perform quicker, safer and more precise wound closure that helps achieve excellent cosmetic results.

Unlike some competitor products, LiquiBand® Optima is a no-sting formulation making it ideal for use on younger patients and those who have fear of suture needles. The fast set time of LiquiBand® Optima of 10 seconds provides ease of use and safe cosmetic wound closure. In addition, the microbial barrier and water-resistant properties of the polymerized octyl-blend monomer helps to protect the wound against infection. The octyl-blend formulation of LiquiBand® Optima allows the product to be stored at ambient temperature and does not require refrigerated storage (unlike some other marketed products).

  • Microbial Barrier Protection
  • Faster Set Time
  • Strong and Secure 
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Precision Applicator
  • No Sting
  • Ambient Storage


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LiquiBand® Optima

OPT 001


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