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  • LiquiBand® Flow Control provides the same adhesive attributes as LiquiBand® but with the additional benefit of the flow control safety applicator.


LIQUIBAND® Flow Control

The superior control greatly broadens the scope of use and benefits of this high performance product to allow clinical staff to confidently and safely close wounds around the eye and within the facial triangle.

  • Microbial Barrier protection                                                                        
  • Faster Set Time.
  • Flow Control Applicator.
  • Strong and Secure
  • Excellent cosmetic results.

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LiquiBand® Flow Control

LB FC 0010


Product Documents

LiquiBand Exceed Product Information

LIQUIBAND® Flow Control

LiquiBand Exceed™ is available in 0.8g, sterile, single patient use ampoules, 6 applicators per box